we believe this to be true in the pit of our belly

we believe this to be true in the pit of our belly

At Tiny Space to Breathe, giving back is at the core of our mission. Learn more about our values and the many initiatives we follow to give back to our community.

Tiny Space, Big Impact

We truly believe small changes can make a big impact—and we are proud to offer a tiny space to support the important choices in life. We hope to inspire others to know that you don’t need big things to create impactful change in the world.

Certified B Corporation
We are currently on track to be the first Certified B Corporation meditation studio. As a B Corporation, we make a commitment to social impact, environmental impact and serving a community in need. We are not just concerned about profit, but also people and our environment. We believe even tiny contributions to the organizations we partner with will make a difference.

Giving Back
Each time you breathe with us, we will provide an opportunity for someone else to do the same. It is important to us to reaffirm that this practice is not just nourishing for our mind and body, but also goes one step further provided for the planet & communities that don’t have accessibility to the practice. Some of the ways we put our mission in action include:

  • Partnering with I Grow Chicago—Each time someone breathes or moves in our space, we provide a session for a community in West Englewood. Learn more about I Grow Chicago and their mission here.

  • Planting trees—Every time someone flows with us, we plant a tree with One tree planted.

We care about the work others are doing and want to support the mindfulness movement across the globe. Let’s connect and see how we can support each other’s breath.

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