Taking Care of Your Team: Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Now more than ever, people are prioritizing self care— and companies are recognizing this, too. Corporate yoga and meditation is gaining widespread popularity in workplaces because it not only helps employees relax and gain focus, but also build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

With all of our workplace yoga and meditation classes, we aim to gather with intention and share knowledge to help build a toolkit for you to cultivate an inner spaciousness, no matter where you are. Tiny Space to Breathe has partnered with both small and large businesses to provide classes where employees can learn to connect with their breath, erase negative thought patterns and ground themselves to the world we live in.

Workplace Yoga and Meditation Classes in Chicago

We offer an array of services for small businesses and corporations. No matter what you’re team size is, we’re ready to work with you to help bring you the best corporate yoga and meditation class experience to your office space. Our prices are based on the number of employees because we understand the struggles that come with being a tiny team and the need for meditation. We also offer special workshops personalized to your employees’ needs.

Inquire below to get us to come to your Chicago office space.